Low-Carb High-Fat Mom

Just a mom living a Low-Carb High-Fat Life

Coconut oil and coffee

on September 20, 2012


Sounds disgusting, I know, I know.

BUT while I have been reading up on how to up my fat intake I have come across this idea on many LC message boards. I love coconut and coffee so I decided to give it a try.


Well, yesterday was the first day and I have to say that adding 1/2 tbsp. to each of my morning cups of Joe kept me extremely full all day. The taste wasn’t really different, but I did notice an oil slick on the top of my coffee I tried to ignore.

Then as I was putting off doing a research paper I read about the different kinds of coconut oil. I was using super cheap-o Lou Ann refined coconut oil from my local Baker’s. This stuff really has no taste. I was disappointed. I wanted coconut flavor, but figured that maybe I just wasn’t picking up the flavor since I have had really bad allergies this season.

Nope,turns out my super cheap coconut oil wasn’t that great. I should have been buying unrefined organic coconut oil. So I did. My pocketbook was sad (I had to go to Hy-Vee to get it and it cost around $12.00 for 14 oz.) BUT, let me tell you it is delicious!!! SO GOOD I ATE IT OFF A SPOON.

So is coconut oil and coffee for everyone? Probably not. But if you are looking to get more MCT fats in and like the slight coconut taste, I say try it.

As for how much, I have read for maximum results to eat up to 4 Tbsp daily. I would not suggest this right out of the gate though due to tummy troubles one might encounter. I was fine with 2 Tbsp total yesterday, but you might want to start lower and work your way up just in case.



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